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ASME Membership Dues & Fees

Membership Year
The membership year runs from October 1 through the following September 30
2018 – 2019 Membership Dues

Member, Fellow, or Affiliate $158.00
Member 0-1 year after graduation $63.00
Member 1-2 years after graduation $86.00
Member 2-3 years after graduation $110.00
Member 3-4 years after graduation $134.00
Student Member $25.00
Retired Member* $79.00
Automatic Student upgrade to Member $63.00
Life Member** $0
Honorary Member $0
Pre-Paid Membership for a lifetime. Request quote

Note: Dues are discounted/prorated for members joining from January through May. Membership dues may be subject to sales tax in some jurisdictions.

International Membership dues discount:
25% to 50% Discount based on the World Bank country classifications, please see International Membership for eligibility.

Joint Membership Offers for ASME Members:
ASME has agreements with many organizations to offer you discounts on their membership and other benefits, and members of those societies can also join ASME at a discount.

Student Member Free first year in college membership is available to freshman or international equivalent, only. Includes all student membership benefits, except subscription to Mechanical Engineering magazine.

Student Group Membership
Participating colleges/universities can ensure that all of their mechanical engineering students have full access to the many benefits of ASME membership by submitting the names of all of their eligible engineering students together and making a single payment for all. Visit the Student Group Membership website for details and signup information.

* Retired ($79.00) - a member who has paid dues for twenty-five years and is not gainfully employed because of retirement or disability.

** Dues Exempt/Life Membership (No dues*) - a member who has paid dues for thirty-five years and has reached age 65 and/or retired from regular work.

Note: An optional annual service fee of $39.00 will be assessed. Members who opt-out will not receive ME magazine (with the exception of prepaid life and honorary members).

Request ASME Pre-Paid Membership Quote – ASME Pre-Paid Membership allows you to make a one-time discounted payment for a lifetime of ASME membership. Learn more or contact Customer Care for a quote.
Payment Methods & Application Options – ASME offers convenient payment methods and several options for you to apply for membership.
Membership dues may be subject to sales tax in some jurisdictions.


ASME Membership Levels

ASME has five grades of membership tailored to suit the needs of engineers at all stages of their careers.

Honorary Member
An Honorary Member shall be a person having distinctive accomplishment in engineering or science or industry or research or public service and those allied pursuits beneficial to the engineering profession. Learn more.

A Fellow, one who has attained a membership grade of distinction, at the time of advancement shall be a corporate member of the Society, shall have been responsible for significant engineering achievements, and shall have not less than 10 years of active practice and 10 years of continuous corporate membership in ASME. Learn more.

A Member, at the time of admission or advancement to that grade, shall have attainments amounting to the equivalent of at least eight years of engineering experience.

An Affiliate should be a person who is capable of and interested in rendering service to the field of engineering; and whose work should be so related to applications of engineering that admission to this grade will contribute to the welfare of the Society.

Student Member
A Student Member shall be a student regularly enrolled and working towards a degree in an approved engineering curriculum, or towards an engineering degree in a regionally accredited institution.

Contact ASME

ASME strives to provide world-class service to its members, customers and site visitors, and welcomes your questions and feedback via email, telephone or fax:

ASME Customer Care
800-843-2763 (U.S/Canada)
001-800-843-2763 (Mexico)
+1 646-616-3100 (outside North America)
Fax: 973-882-1717