Pre-Paid Membership

ASME Members can pre-pay all of their membership dues with a single payment!

ASME members have unlimited access to valuable information and resources, connections to the best and brightest engineers, and numerous opportunities to get involved and make a real difference. Pre-paid members have the added piece of mind knowing they will never lose access to our exclusive career-enhancing benefits.

Pre-paying your ASME membership dues has many advantages:

  • The convenience of making a one-time dues payment
  • No more worrying “Did I renew my membership or not?”
  • Protection from future ASME dues price increases
  • Possible tax deduction (please consult with your tax advisor)
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How it Works

ASME pre-paid members make a one-time dues payment in an amount determined as a multiple of the members’ age, and the total number of membership years remaining to qualify as a dues-exempt ASME Life Member.*

Simply send an email using this link to request a pre-paid membership quote, and an ASME Customer Care Representative will reply promptly with your quote and all the information you need to complete the process – it’s that easy!


A 32 year old who has been a member for six years would receive a quote of $2,768 USD, (includes all dues and service charges for the next 29 years, and the service charges for all years to follow as a Life Member). That’s a savings of over $1,553 at our current rates!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pre-paid Membership and Life Membership?

  • Pre-paid is not a grade of membership, but rather a one-time discounted dues payment for the years prior to dues-exempt Life membership eligibility, and the service charges for the years as a Life member. * Life membership is a grade of membership which is achieved when a member has accumulated 35 years of paid membership and is retired and/or 65 years of age.

How would I renew or add annual publication subscriptions, or make my annual contribution to the ASME Foundation?

  • As a pre-paid member, you will continue to receive an annual notice where you can add subscriptions, and/or make your annual Foundation contribution, or you can donate now.

Is pre-paid membership available to student members?

  • No, pre-paid membership is only available to (professional) members.

Do the number of years as a member to-date need to be continuous, and do years as a student member count?

  • For pre-paid membership, it is the total number of years as a paid member with or without breaks that count. Years as a student member count for those joining for the first time after the year 2000. For Life membership, only years as a paid (professional) member count towards eligibility, with or without breaks.

I have already renewed my membership through September 2018, do I need to wait until my next renewal to apply for pre-paid membership?

  • No, your current active membership is added to your total number of years as a member and considered in your quote. When the next renewal period begins, you will only receive notices for the purpose of renewing/adding subscriptions and making annual contributions.
Request Your Pre-Paid Membership Quote

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