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LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2023

This June, ASME continues its commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in and outside the engineering profession—during and beyond LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

ASME’s Pride Group, an ad-hoc cohort of our LGBTQ+ members, volunteers, and staff has been a key forum in fostering an inclusive environment throughout ASME by advancing LGBTQ+ visibility and professional networking. Last year, ASME established our first employee resource group (ERG), focused on supporting the LGBTQ+ community among ASME staff.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of ASME volunteers and staff who are making the engineering field more accessible to all. ASME has launched two scholarships for LGBTQ+ engineering students in partnership with oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Out to Innovate. Our goal with these scholarships is to encourage young LGBTQ+ students to pursue careers in engineering.

No matter where engineers are in their career journey—whether they are young future leaders in STEM or lifelong ASME members—we seek to ensure that all feel they can bring their most authentic selves to the table. We aim to make ASME a place where everyone feels accepted and celebrated for their diverse perspectives and experiences.

To learn more about ASME’s work to further LGBTQ+ inclusion, visit Fostering Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a continuous effort, and we are dedicated to making ASME and the broader engineering profession a more welcoming environment.

Happy Pride, everyone.

Thomas Costabile, P.E.
ASME Executive Director/CEO

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