“Robot Football” Is the Name of the Game for the 2018 Student Design Competition

Sep 20, 2017

Taking inspiration from the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, the new ASME Student Design Competition Challenge aims to bring together the finest teams in football — or soccer, as it’s known in the United States — to compete. In the 2018 SDC, however, it won’t be teams of people on the playing field, but teams of robots competing in a four-way football competition.

Challenging student teams to use their imagination and technical design skills, the Student Design Competition for 2018, “Robot Football,” will be comprised of a series of 10-minute matches conducted round-robin style, with a semi-final and final round determining the winning teams. Navigating their “players” though a small scale soccer field via remote control, students will maneuver these athletically inclined robots to score goals with tennis balls.

Student Design Competition challenges will be held during the spring 2018 ASME E-Fest events. For details on the “Robot Football” challenge itself, please visit the Student Design Competition page on ASME.org.