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ASME Launches Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering Website

ASME Launches Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering Website

May 26, 2017

ASME recently unveiled a new website, the Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering (, to engage members of the multidisciplinary biomedical engineering arena across industry, research, academia and government and achieve the goals of collaboration and information sharing across disciplines.

At, engineers, scientists and physicians can keep up to date on topics ranging from cell therapy and thermal medicine to medical devices and 3D printing, as well as gain access to the Society’s collection of bioengineering-related journals, standards, conferences and products. Plans to develop more collaborative and interactive tools for are under way.

Visitors can complete a free site registration to join the alliance and connect to a community of like-minded technical professionals seeking networking opportunities in this growing interdisciplinary field. Joining AABME includes additional benefits through free offers selected during registration:

(1) a subscription to a newsletter with exclusive content on data, analysis, technology and business insights in biomedical engineering and related markets;

(2) access to a curated topic search within ASME’s Digital Collection plus free access to 10 articles, journal papers or conference papers; or

(3) discounted access to select ASME biomedical events and conferences.

The new website is the first of a variety of offerings ASME is developing for the biomedical and bioengineering community, which include a new biomedical journal, bioengineering e-courses, and other products and solutions.

The Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering represents ASME’s effort to bring together diverse sectors in the broad cross-disciplinary field of biomedical engineering to bridge the gap between basic research and applied research for the next generation of potentially life-saving medical technologies,” said Jeff Patterson, chief operating officer of ASME. “The need for collaboration in this arena is required to advance the field and ASME is championing the efforts to make this a reality.”

To take a tour of the new Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering website, and to register for the free offers, visit

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