ASME Journal Now Accepting Papers for Special Issue

Feb 26, 2014

The ASME Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine (JNEM) is currently accepting technical papers for a special issue of the journal, titled “Spectroscopy, Scattering and Imaging Techniques for Nanostructured Materials,” to be published in July. The deadline for submitting a manuscript for inclusion in this special edition of JNEM is April 1.

“Spectroscopy, Scattering and Imaging Techniques for Nanostructured Materials” will focus on employing spectroscopy, scattering and in-situ imaging techniques to understand the functionality and fundamental processes at the atomic or nanometer scale of materials, including synthetic biomaterials, biologically-inspired materials, nanostructured materials for energy applications, carbon-based materials, electronic materials, and photonic materials.

The journal will cover a number of topics, including neutron scattering and spectroscopy for applications including thermoelectrics, energy storage, advanced carbon-based materials, and biomaterials; X-ray scattering and time-of-flight instruments for hybrid nanocomposites, biomaterials and polymers; ultrafast diffraction and imaging techniques utilizing electron and scanning probe microscopy for characterization of energy and biological systems; novel imaging methods, such as photoacoustic microscopy, optical coherence tomography, structured illumination microscopy, and stimulated depletion microscopy for biological systems; and in-situ imaging and nanorobotic techniques for real-time observation of coupled physics phenomena in materials and devices at the nanoscale.

Hsiao-Ying Shadow Huang, Ph.D., assistant professor at North Carolina State University’s department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is the editor for this special issue of JNEM. Dr. Shadow Huang, who leads the Laboratory for Mechanics of Energy Materials and Biological Materials at North Carolina State, is chair of the ASME Materials Division’s Nanomaterials for Energy Technical Committee and a member of ASME NanoEngineering for Energy and Sustainability Council. Arunkumar Subramanian, Ph.D., assistant professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University, is the issue’s co-editor.

Submitted manuscripts will undergo a strict peer-review process to ensure quality. In addition, authors should state in their cover letters that their papers have not been previously published, are not being considered for publication by another journal, and will not be submitted to other journals before JNEM makes its final decision. Authors of papers that are selected for publication will be notified by May 15.

For guidelines on writing, preparing, and submitting journal papers, visit Manuscripts should be submitted using the ASME Journal Tool on, located at For more information on “Spectroscopy, Scattering and Imaging Techniques for Nanostructured Materials,” visit the JNEM description page on the Journal Tool.

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