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Contribute an Article to ME Today

Be an ME Today Contributor

If you are interested in contributing to the professional and career development of early-career engineers or engineering students, we invite you to submit an article and/or a video recording for publication in ME Today. ME Today reaches a worldwide audience of early career engineers (2-3 years professional experience) and, undergraduate and graduate students. ME Today covers stories in Industry & Management Perspectives, Emerging Technologies, Engineer Spotlights, and Collegiate News.

Subject Matter

Your submission could include personal and professional experiences, lessons-learned, instructional information such as “How to”, best practices for ‘starting a career’, ‘managing a career’, ‘building a career’, etc. The content should be relevant and crucial to overall career development for young engineers.

For Early Career Engineers: Information that early career engineers can use to assist them in advancing their careers, their professional awareness and skills, better understand the practice and business of engineering around the world, or that will help them to balance their personal/professional lives.

For Engineering Students:Information that undergraduate and graduate students can use to assist them during their educational careers and as they prepare for futures in engineering.


Article Specifications: Article word count should be 400-750 words; and include at least one (1) relevant color-photo. Please send as a digital file, with at least a 300dpi resolution. Jpeg format is preferred.

Here is a sample of the article format See examples of published articles

Video Specifications: The video should be no more than 5 minutes and shot in the highest quality possible; format requirement is .AVI or .WMV. ASME will review all videos submitted for publication on the ASME FutureME YouTube Channel.

Here is a sample of a Video


Please provide your full name (As you would like it to appear on the byline of the article as author) and include additional information with your contribution:

  • Current Job Title & Employer or Name of School and Academic Department
  • Daytime Phone Number [To contact you, if necessary]
  • Brief Bio or Copy of Resume [Optional]

Editorial Process/Permission to Use

All articles received will go through an editorial process. New articles are posted online bi-weekly and published at least 6 times per year as a newsletter.

  • In submitting an article or video, the author grants permission to ASME to edit for clarity, style and length, prior to publishing and grants ASME all copyrights to the published work.
  • Depending on the volume of submissions, unpublished articles may not be acknowledged.
  • ME Today is a publication of articles that is made available online and distributed free of charge to ASME members worldwide. Contributing authors do so on a voluntary basis and receive recognition in the publication, but are not otherwise compensated.

How/Where to Submit Your Contribution

Email your article, photo(s), permission form to addressed to the ME Today Editorial Team.


For video submissions, please use a service like Dropbox: to share your media file(s) with us.

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