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Providing timely and relevant information that early career engineers can use to assist them in advancing their careers, their professional awareness, and their understanding the practice and business of engineering. Features include Strategic Issues and Trends, Industry & Management Perspectives, Emerging Technologies, Engineer Spotlights and Collegiate News.

Employees: How to Push Back Without Putting Yourself at Risk

In some organizations, management expects employees to simply follow orders, making it uncomfortable (and costly) to disagree.

Taking Ownership as a New Engineer

Understanding how your role and responsibilities impact the BIG Picture of a project that relates to how other parts are incorporated into the overall process.
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Making a Gigaton of Difference

Learn how to successfully pivot throughout your career to better align yourself with achieving sustainable goals while adapting to changing conditions to meet grand challenges in your field.
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Defining Disrupting and Changing Technologies through Codes and Standards

One of the best ways to expand your knowledge in your industry and gain a new perspective is to get involved in the Standardization Process.
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