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Video: Javaris Powell: Discover "E" Educator Award Winner

Teacher: Javaris Powell Friendship Public Charter School, Washington, D.C.

Nominating Engineer: Victor Udoewa USAID-Google, AAAS, and ASME

A middle school engineering teacher for 11 years, Javaris teaches engineering to 6-8th graders and actively participates in several engineering-related programs, including FIRST Lego League, G.E.T. S.E.T. Summer Math Academy, and the Spark Club Afterschool Engineering Club. In 2008, Javaris won the Chairman's Choice Award for successfully advancing 58 of his 60 students at least two grade levels in mathematics. Javaris believes that the majority of his students only consider careers in sports or entertainment, so he works hard to show them that engineering is an interdisciplinary smorgasbord for learning. Now, he is challenging his students to consider a new dream: engineering.

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