Video: Building on our Heritage - Turbo Expo Keynote

Jul 15, 2015


The ASME 2015 Turbo Expo program opens with keynote presentations given by prominent experts from the turbomachinery industry. Richard (Ric) Parker, Director of Research & Technology Rolls-Royce Group; Chris Lorence, General Manager of Engineering Technologies GE Aviation, and Walter Di Bartolomeo, Vice President Engineering, Pratt & Whitney Canada will address the important keynote theme: Building on our Heritage. The three leaders of gas turbine OEMs will reflect on how their own company has built on its heritage over the last six decades, clarify how that heritage impacts the way they work today and share their vision for the future. We build on our heritage in many ways. The research reported at this conference is very different from the research presented at the first Turbo Expo. However, there is a direct link, and by reflecting on how gas turbine technology has changed over the last six decades we can better envision how it will change in the future.

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