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Top 5 Videos of 2021
The road to recovery post-pandemic has begun. Here are five videos highlighting the innovations of 2021.
If 2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was the beginning of the recovery. The pandemic is still here and the road back to a new normal is taking longer than anticipated, but changes within the engineering industry have begun.
The industry has focused on new energy sources as demands on the electrical grid peaked with more people working remotely and in different parts of the country. There was an increased focus on hydrogen and its ability to produce clean energy with zero carbon emissions. Wind power also shared the energy spotlight as one of the fastest-growing clean energy sources.
Of course, 2021 marked major shifts in the engineering workforce. The shift to remote work and digital engineering tools have created a new workforce. Over the last year, online opportunities have helped engineers in upskilling and reskilling themselves, and seek new work focused within the digital world.
Lastly, innovations kept pushing forward despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. NASA continued exploring deep space with new telescopes and engineers continue to look towards new means of transport.
Here are five of’s most viewed videos of the past year exploring all these topics and more.
Engineering of the Webb Space Telescope
When Will We See the Hydrogen Revolution?
Hyperloop: The Future of Travel
Wind Power’s Next Challenge
The Future of Engineering Workforce, Learning, and Skills

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Carlos M. González is special projects manager.

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