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Quiz: Record-Setting Engineering

Quiz: Record-Setting Engineering

Do you know about these engineering marvels that have achieved Guinness World Records? Test your knowledge with this ASME quiz.
Engineers are responsible for so many innovations, from the built environment to the tools used both within and to create it, to the vehicles and the infrastructure by which they travel, and so far beyond. In pursuing tomorrow's next greatest thing, engineers are pushing the boundaries of what's possible and setting records at the same time.

Some of the most notable record-breaking engineering achievements have to do with the largest, tallest, or heaviest creation of its type—from the world's largest cruise ship (Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas at 235,600 gross tonnage) to the tallest building (the Burj Khalifa in the U.A.E. at 2,716 feet, 6 inches) and even the heaviest freight train (belonging to BHP Iron Ore in Australia and weighing 220 million pounds), just to name a few.

But what do you know about some of the more obscure engineering marvels that have achieved a Guinness World Record? Test your knowledge with this ASME quiz.


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