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Infographic: What Makes a Smart City?

Infographic: What Makes a Smart City?

Let's explore how urban environments will integrate intelligent IoT solutions, sensors, and networks to create smart cities.
The model of the smart city is on the rise and will be the next major change for urban areas.

According to Statista, smart city project investments reached more than $608 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. By 2024, investments will reach almost trillion U.S. dollars across the world.

Smart cities will integrate IoT solutions, sensors, and cloud data networks to collect data on the city and its residents. The data will be used to power automated services, improve waste management, deploy self-driving car fleets, regulate energy usage, and provide more information to the people of the city, so the in turn can also make smarter decisions.

Here are some of the top applications where technology can be deployed to make cities smarter.

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