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Infographic: Luxury Models Set Motor Trends

Infographic: Luxury Models Set Motor Trends

The highest-end automobiles are often a test bed for new technologies.
McKinsey and Company recently released a report on the trends shaping the luxury car market—the 2 to 3 percent of cars that sell for more than $80,000—which the company reported was growing faster and more profitably than other cars. Most of these trends are economic rather than technological, but within the report are some clues to the direction the auto industry as a whole may take.

Perhaps the most important technological trend is electrification. Battery-electric vehicles have been making inroads across the board, with sales hitting a record in the second quarter of this year, reaching 5.6 percent of the total. But the report also digs into some of the other must-have technology features for luxury car buyers. For instance, Chinese high-end consumers are looking to make their luxury cars into technology hubs, prizing features such as advanced entertainment systems and the ability to use (and update) third-party favorite apps. What’s luxury today will be standard tomorrow.


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