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Infographic: AI Assists for Engineers

Infographic: AI Assists for Engineers

Artificial intelligence has gotten a lot of recent attention for its use in art, but it promises to have a much larger effect in the engineering world.
Over the past year or so, tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney have provided public access to powerful artificial intelligence tools to create text and images. The results so far have been mixed. Due to the way the AI tools “learn” from existing data, those programs can provide superficially stunning results that falter on details such as the number of fingers on the human hand.
Less showy but more impactful are the ways AI can help engineers. Already, generative AI tools have been used for design, but as a recent report from McKinsey points out, generative AI can provide value throughout the operations of engineering firms. Here are five examples of ways AI will help engineers in the near future.

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