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ASME is driven by global engineering communities to ensure high-quality, rigorously peer-reviewed content is accessible and freely available online for everyone. ASME journals provide extensive, diverse indexes of research articles that span the broad spectrum of engineering topics. 

ASME supports compliance with government and funder mandates for Open Access publication, including Plan S for European-funded research. 
ASME offers authors the option to publish their papers hybrid Open Access across all our journals or in the fully Open Access ASME Open Journal of Engineering with payment of an Article Publishing Charge (APC). ASME continues to offer publication at no cost to an author through traditional subscription access. 


  • Gold OA = Paid Open Access 
    Free on Publisher’s site immediately upon publication with payment of APC.  
    Green OA = Public access (free) in University and Institutional Repositories 
    ASME citation information must be included along with a link to archival ASME paper on  
    The ASME Digital Collection

Open Access Costs 

  • Hybrid Journals: $3000 
  • ASME Open Journal of Engineering (AOJE):  
    • $1700 for ASME members 
    • $1950 for non-members 
  • Conferences: $1500 

Institutional Repositories: Green OA 

  • Institutional deposits are supported with permission. 
  • After the publication of the final paper, the Accepted Manuscript version is eligible for inclusion in an Institutional Repository to meet governmental, funder, or institutional accessibility requirements. 
  • Inclusion will be with ASME © and a CC-BY reuse license. 
  • Send permission requests to: 
  • ​Please include the following with a permission request: 
  • ASME Paper Number 
    • Title 
    • DOI 
    • URL of paper after it is published on the ASME Digital Collection 
    • Description and link of funder, governmental, or institutional policy 
  • For request of Conference papers for Institutional deposit, please contact:

Preprint Servers 

Authors can submit to preprint servers following the submission to ASME. 

US Funded Research 

ASME also participates in the CHORUS initiative whereby research papers of participating funders are made available after a one-year embargo. 

Conference Papers 

  • Starting in 2023, authors have the option to publish their papers with Open Access in all ASME conferences. 
  • The Article Publication Charge (APC) is $1,500 per conference paper to publish with Open Access. 
  • If your paper is later accepted to an ASME journal, you will receive a credit of $1,500 toward the journal paper APC.  
  • For more information, please see our conference publication page. 


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Publishing Coordinator, Journals 
2 Park Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016-5990 

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