Special Issue on Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Advanced Manufacturing

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Modeling of manufacturing processes, machines, and systems is the everlasting theme of advanced manufacturing. Compared to conventional physics-based analytical or numerical models, data-driven methods such as machine learning (ML) have been shown to be an alternative approach to prediction and optimization. However, the inherent “black box” nature of data-driven ML techniques such as those represented by neural networks has often presented a challenge to interpret ML outcomes, particularly when the training dataset may be limited or noisy. On the other hand, manufacturing physical laws (e.g., ordinary or partial differential equations) and domain knowledge are not effectively utilized to develop data-efficient ML algorithms.

To leverage the advantages of ML and physical laws of advanced manufacturing, this call focuses on physics-informed machine learning (PIML) by integrating ML techniques and physical laws to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and generalization of predictive models. PIML can be particularly useful for advanced manufacturing where the underlying physics is well understood, or it is difficult or impractical to develop a comprehensive model that captures all of the relevant features.

Topic Areas


  • Forward PIML models
  • Inverse and data assimilation problems
  • Data-driven discovery of physical models
  • Neural network architectures for physics
  • PIML-based reduced-order models
  • Uncertainty quantification and Bayesian optimization
  • PIML for process or system optimization
  • PIML for machine dynamics
  • PIML for quality control
  • PIML for predictive maintenance

Special Issue Publication Dates

Paper submission deadline: October 1, 2023
Initial review completed: January 1, 2024
Publication date: June 2024

Submission Instructions

Papers should be submitted electronically to the journal through the ASME Journal Tool. If you already have an account, log in as an author and select Submit Paper. If you do not have an account, you can create one here

Once at the Paper Submittal page, select ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, and then select the Special Issue on Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Advanced Manufacturing.

Papers received after the deadline or papers not selected for the Special Issue may be accepted for publication in a regular issue.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Yuebin Guo, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, USA (yuebin.guo@rutgers.edu)
Dr. Yusuf Altintas, University of British Columbia, Canada (altintas@mech.ubc.ca)
Dr. Qing Chang, University of Virginia, USA (qc9nq@virginia.edu)
Dr. Robert Gao, Case Western Reserve University, USA (Robert.Gao@case.edu)
Dr. Andy Henderson, Hendtech LLC, USA (andy.henderson@hendtech.com)
Dr. Jaydeep Karandikar, Oak Ridge National Lab, USA (karandikarjm@ornl.gov)
Dr. Tony Schmitz, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA (tony.schmitz@utk.edu)

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