Once a paper has been published by ASME, an author or other interested party may wish to submit it for inclusion in a non-ASME publication or to incorporate some or all of its elements in another work. Since ASME is the legal holder of copyright for its papers, it will be necessary to secure ASME's permission as the copyright holder to have its material published in another source.

The steps below are for requesting permission to reprint all or part of ASME copyrighted material from books, conference proceedings, and journals.

For Codes and Standards permission requests, click here.

For Mechanical Engineering magazine permission requests, contact Harry Hutchinson:

Requesting Permission

Step 1

Determine if ASME is the actual copyright owner of the material.

The most likely places to find this information are:

  • For ASME conference papers, journal papers, or individual chapters in multi-author books, a footnote at the bottom of the first full-text page (not the cover page) should indicate who holds copyright.
  • For single-author books, look at the copyright statement on the back of the title page.
  • If the statement reads "copyright by the author" … or by a company … or, in the case of government-sponsored work, "no copyright asserted in the United States," then ASME does not hold copyright, and you must seek reprinting permission from the copyright owner.

Step 2

Complete and submit a permissions request form: PERMISSIONS REQUEST FORM.

Step 3

ASME will respond to each request in writing and state whether permission is granted.


In some cases, a fee will be required.

Permission requests that are granted will include requirements for how to give appropriate credit to ASME as the original source and copyright holder.

Failure to obtain permission before reprinting any material is a violation of the copyright laws of the United States.

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