Robotics Special Report: August 2019

Mechanical Engineering magazine Special Reports are a multimedia series designed to provide impactful market intelligence for today’s strategic decision makers and technology leaders.

Each Special Report is a deep dive into one of the key technology issues in today’s emerging industries, backed up with both data and industry experience.


Robots for Maintenance: From Inspection to Repair

Inspection robots have begun to perform maintenance tasks. Either teleoperated by a human technician in a safe location or working autonomously, these robots are beginning to handle routine, but dangerous jobs. In this white paper, find out how robotic platforms are evolving to handle that kind of task.


Cover Story: Meet Your Robotic Coworkers

In the age of advanced automation, new robots with machine learning and autonomous capabilities are your future coworkers.


Video: The Rise of Maintenance Robots

In this video series, we learn how maintenance robots are being deployed for the industrial landscape. We spoke with Tim Westhoven from ExxonMobil and John Grimes from ASME as they walk us through the robots available for inspection and maintenance today.


Podcast: The Past, Present, and Future of the Robotics Market

In this episode of ASME TechCast, Bob Doyle, VP of the Robotics Industries Association, discusses the robotics market and how robots are changing the manufacturing landscape.


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