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It's easy to refer a friend or colleague. Follow these seven simple steps for recruitment success!

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Be familiar with the many benefits of an ASME Membership - the ASME Career Center, the AccessEngineering engineering reference tool with over 800 interactive volumes, Mechanical Engineering magazine, free access to all ASME Technical Interest Groups, discounts on ASME's products & services, and much more. And be sure to keep current and accurate information about ASME member benefits on hand. Visit to learn more, or download ASME membership materials below, and also watch our Student Membership Videos:

ASME Member Benefits at a Glance (PDF)
ASME Student Membership Brochure (PDF)
ASME Professional Membership Brochure (PDF)
ASME Student Membership Brochure in Spanish (PDF)
ASME Professional Membership Brochure in Spanish (PDF)
20 Great Ways to Help ASME Grow Membership (PDF)
ASME "Achieve More!" Student Membership Video
ASME "Aim Higher!" Video for Graduating Students

Identify the right candidates to recruit, and uncover their needs - from friends to co-workers, employees, former employees, and fellow students - ASME membership will benefit everyone with a passion for engineering and technology. And once you've determined your fellow engineers' individual needs, tailor your message to address those needs to show how ASME can benefit them both personally and professionally.

Express your enthusiasm and support for the organization - members play a vital role in supporting ASME's mission to promote the art, science and practice of engineering around the globe and they take pride in knowing they are helping to create a better world and a healthier future by getting involved in ASME's rewarding volunteer programs. Tell your referral about the things that have meant the most to you as a member of ASME. Reflect on the primary reason you first joined, and why you continue your membership. A personal anecdote relating how ASME has helped you or someone in the engineering community can be the most compelling way to communicate the value of membership to your fellow engineers.

Don't let objections throw you - one of the best ways to deal with objections is the "feel, felt, found" method. If someone tells you that membership is too expensive, you can reply, "I know how you feel and how hard we have to work these days to make every dollar count. And I know others have felt that way, until they found that membership more than paid for itself - from discounts on conferences and courses to the invaluable networking opportunities, free online books and much more." Give it your own personal touch and see their concerns fade away!

Don't be afraid to recruit face-to-face, it's easier than you think - not comfortable with approaching people to sell them something? Few people are, but the reality is we are all skilled at persuading people, from the workplace to the home front so we can get things accomplished in our everyday lives. The basic concept is to show someone what's in it for them, and it's easy to do that about ASME membership by mastering your knowledge of the associations many benefits and resources (see first item above).

Send a thank you note or email - thank the individuals you've spoken with about ASME membership a note or email thanking them for considering membership, and use that opportunity to reiterate a key point or two from your conversation. And don't hesitate to follow-up in person to ask if they have joined because it often takes one or two efforts to reinforce the benefits of joining for the prospective member to act.

Know that your support of ASME membership also contributes to the global engineering community- as someone who is familiar with ASME membership, you are the perfect ambassador to communicate its value to others. And by doing so, you can grow your own network of contacts, earn the respect of your peers, and take satisfaction in knowing your efforts are making a vital contribution to ASME's overall efforts to support the health of the global engineering community.

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