Meet ASME's Federal Fellows

2023-2024 ASME Federal Fellows

Aditi Gupta 2023-2024 ASME Fellow
Aditi Gupta, PhD, works at the intersection of science, technology, and justice. As a Science and Technology Fellow in the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub at USAID, she focuses on technology and human rights, particularly gender equity and gender-based violence (GBV). Dr. Gupta manages USAID engagement on technology and gender issues with interagency and multilateral stakeholders. She has established public-private partnerships and designed development programming to address technology-facilitated GBV globally. Prior to her work at USAID, she founded programs and instituted policies to increase representation and equity for underrepresented students in higher education. She also organized entrepreneurship workshops in developing regions of Latin America and Asia to democratize access to educational and funding opportunities for local students and entrepreneurs. Dr. Gupta earned her PhD in Medical Engineering from MIT in human-technology interaction. Subsequently, as a postdoctoral researcher at the Scientific Citizenship Initiative at Harvard Medical School, she investigated academic culture change, exploring how programming, federal policy, and institutional networking strategies can serve as levers of change to increase civic engagement in the scientific enterprise. Dr. Gupta aims to continue working at the interface of technology and society to advance just and equitable technology access, governance, and use. 
Kreston Barron 2023-2024 ASME Fellow
Kreston Barron is a PhD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He serves in OSTP as a policy intern that manages the interagency process for developing a national strategy for microgravity development. His role also entails advising and drafting policy plans for cislunar space situational awareness (SSA) to enhance in-space research. Prior to this role, Barron conducted research pertaining to artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for space traffic coordination.

Bill Bihlman 2023-2024 ASME Fellow
Bill Bihlman founded Aerolytics in 2012, a strategic management consultancy dedicated to aerospace materials, manufacturing, and the global supply chain. He started his career in 1995 as an engineer at Raytheon Aircraft. Bill supports SAE International’s AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications) consensus standards for advanced materials and manufacturing. He has published numerous articles, co-authored a book chapter, and presented extensively on this subject. 

Bill has a BSME, MSME, and PhD in IE from Purdue University. He also has an MBA and MPA from Cornell University and is a licensed private pilot. 

Kyle Disselkoen 2023-2024 ASME Fellow
Kyle Disselkoen works on climate and energy issues at the nexus of science, technology, and policy. During his PhD, he was awarded the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship to work on computational electrochemistry research optimizing and understanding new ways of recycling carbon dioxide. Kyle brings a commitment to a holistic and evidence-based perspective in his work on targeted and informed policy. As a Rising Environmental Leaders Program Fellow, he engaged with policymakers alongside a diverse, collaborative cohort of students and learned how to be an effective policy entrepreneur. Kyle conceived of, designed, and co-led a new type of conference at Stanford to discuss paradigm shifting policy ideas, called New Climate Paradigms, which facilitated meaningful, moderated conversations in a roundtable format with some of the country’s most promising climate visionaries. As a McCoy Ethics Fellow, he also investigated how the energy transition will impact communities in energy poverty around the world. Kyle received a B.S.E in Chemical Engineering with a double major in Chemistry from Calvin College in 2017.

As an ASME Congressional Fellow, Kyle aims to advance the energy transition in ways that provide energy security and intergenerational justice. 

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