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White House Launches Advancing Equity in Science and Technology Ideation Challenge

White House Launches Advancing Equity in Science and Technology Ideation Challenge

Now through November 19, the White House is seeking applicants for its new initiative to advance equity in science and technology. The new challenge, called “The Time is Now,” is based on a series of roundtables hosted by OSTP, each focusing on a different equity issue. Increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups to participate in engineering at all education levels and in the engineering workforce is also a main priority of ASME and is outlined in the recent  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the STEM Workforce position paper.
The topics of the five roundtables hosted by OSTP that are serving as platforms for the challenge are (1) women and people with gender-expansive identities, (2) people with disabilities, (3) underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, (4) community-centered research, and (5) institutional settings. OSTP is looking for public input on each of these topics, or in any area that the applicant feels should be considered.
Though the exercise is called a “challenge,”  OSTP will not be awarding any prizes or awards. Rather, the challenge is simply being used as a means to gather ideas to increase equity in science and technology. “Although [there is no monetary prize for this challenge], anyone who participates in the process of advancing equity is a winner in our book,” says the White House. “Your insights will help inform our actions and could bring about real change.”
OSTP will consider the applications and explore the ideas submitted as part of its effort to address President Biden’s commitment to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity within the federal government and with regards to federal programs, awards, grants, projects, and more. ASME supports the objectives of this challenge and ASME itself aims to foster diversity, ensure equitable access and inclusive practices, raise awareness of unconscious bias, and promote cultural competence both within ASME and in the engineering field at large.
Full details on how to apply can be found at:,7L986,M3WXSL,UWK5W,1.

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