White House Issues Executive Order Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth

Apr 18, 2019

President Trump recently released an executive order (EO) to promote energy infrastructure. The EO seeks to address regional and local energy supply constraints and promote an efficient energy market. “Producers in America have demonstrated a remarkable ability to harness innovation and to cost-effectively unlock new energy supplies, making our country a dominant energy force,” the EO states. “By promoting the development of new energy infrastructure, the United States will make energy more affordable, while safeguarding the environment and advancing our Nation’s economic and geopolitical advantages.”
Among the stipulations set forth in the EO, the Department of Energy is directed to do the following:

  • Work in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation, to submit a report to the President, regarding the impacts of current limitations on the export of coal, oil, natural gas, and other domestic energy resources through the west coast of the United States.
  • Work in consultation with the heads of other agencies to submit a report to the President, through the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, describing opportunities through the Federal Government or otherwise, to promote economic growth of the Appalachian region, including growth of petrochemical and other industries. This report also shall assess methods for diversifying the Appalachian economy and promoting workforce development.
  • Work in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation to submit a report to the President regarding the economic and other effects caused by the inability to transport sufficient quantities of natural gas and other domestic energy resources to the New England States and, as the Secretary of Transportation deems appropriate, to States in other regions of the Nation. This report shall assess whether, and to what extent, State, local, tribal, or territorial actions have contributed to such effects.

To view the EO in full, click here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-promoting-energy-infrastructure-economic-growth/

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