White House Hosts Summit to Explore Use of Artificial Intelligence in Government

Sep 11, 2019

by ASME.org

This week, technology leaders from various federal agencies gathered in Washington, DC for a summit convened by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to discuss the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in government. In addition to federal agency tech leaders, key members of academia and tech companies were also invited to attend the event. This event is part of Trumps “American AI Initiative” that calls for maintain American leadership in AI.

Lynne Parker, OSTP assistant director for AI stated that the summit would allow for discussion on “a number of the key ways that government is actually making good use of AI” in its activities. Parker further noted that the government currently uses a “wide variety” of technological applications, but stated that they are “mundane” and at “the low end of AI” but are employed in activities such as “business processing kinds of tasks, all the way up to humanitarian search and rescue.”

Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, director of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center discussed the progress the JAIC has made over the past year, noting that 2020 will be a “breakout year.” The National Institutes of Health also presented and discussed how it is using AI “to better index medical literature to advance the use of medical literature in R&D.” Another portion of the agenda was devoted to discussing the impacts of AI on the workforce.

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