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U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization Released

U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization Released

The Biden-Harris Administration recently released a U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization. Developed by the Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency, the Blueprint represents the first national strategy for cutting all greenhouse emissions from the transportation sector by 2050.

The Blueprint provides a comprehensive, system-level perspective of the entire transportation system across all
passenger and freight travel modes and fuels. It lays out three key strategies to achieve decarbonization, including increasing convenience by supporting community and regional transportation system design, improving efficiency by expanding affordable and efficient public transportation and rail, and transitioning to clean options by deploying zero-emission vehicles and fuels for cars, commercial trucks, transit, boats, airplanes, and more.
The Blueprint will be followed by more detailed agency decarbonization action plans to be developed and implemented by these agencies in cooperation with governments at the state, local, and Tribal level, philanthropic organizations, the private sector, and global partners.
To read the full Blueprint and summary factsheet, visit here.

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