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Trade and Innovation Summit Explores Solutions to Global Challenges

Trade and Innovation Summit Explores Solutions to Global Challenges

Pursuing the advancement of a positive view of trade, globalization, and innovation for the benefit of a globalized community, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) recently convened its annual Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA). Hosting 40 global think tanks dedicated to addressing pressing challenges facing every economy, ITIF’s summit heavily focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and unique strategies to mitigate the crisis’s economic damages.
An international slate of government officials included South Korea’s National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee Chairman and Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Undersecretary. Other free trade representatives hailed from think tanks, foundations, and other global nongovernmental organizations.
Technological solutions were key focus areas for panelists covering digital commerce, national innovation agendas, public health priorities, and research and development. As ASME similarly prioritizes the facilitation and initiation of programs that “engineer the greater good,” ITIF has been an important source of insight and partnership for ASME’s government relations efforts.
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