The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Announces Updated United States Standards Strategy (USSS)

Feb 1, 2021


In early January, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the coordinating body for U.S. voluntary consensus standards, announced the release of the updated United States Standards Strategy (USSS). The USSS is a guide for how the United States develops standards and how it participates in the international standards-setting processes. The USSS was first published in 2000 and has been updated every 5 years since. ASME is an active member of ANSI with Claire Ramspeck, Managing Director of Standards at ASME, serving as ANSI Vice Chair.


The U.S. standards setting system is respected around-the-world for prioritizing consensus, openness, and transparency. In abiding by these values, ANSI promotes standard setting processes that reflect technological advancements, national and international priorities, and industry growth areas. According to ANSI, “The USSS serves as a statement of purpose and ideals resulting from a reexamination of the principles and strategy that guide how the United States develops standards and participates in the international standards-setting process. It provides a vision for the future of the U.S. standards system to support U.S. competitiveness, innovation, health and safety, and global trade.”


ANSI President and CEO S. Joe Bhatia comments on the new USSS saying, “The USSS is a symbol of the diverse voices that, as a whole, have a monumental impact on the standardization system, and in turn, the nation. The framework document echoes these interests in a vision for the future of the U.S. standards system, which is an essential driver of public health and safety, innovation, and U.S. competitiveness in the global economy. I encourage all stakeholders of the U.S. standardization community to incorporate the U.S. Standards Strategy core tactics into their own organization's business and strategic practices.”


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