Stefanie Tompkins Appointed New DARPA Director
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced that Stefanie Tompkins has been appointed to the position of Director of DARPA. Tompkins is an agency veteran having served at DARPA for almost 11 years. She is a former military intelligence officer in the U.S. Army and has held multiple positions within the agency over her tenure, including program manager and deputy director of the Strategic Technology Office, a systems-oriented technical office; DARPA chief of staff; director of the Defense Sciences Office, a highly exploratory office that identifies and accelerates new technologies; and as the acting deputy director of the agency.
Regarding her appointment, Tompkins said: “I am honored and thrilled to return to DARPA, where breakthrough technologies are a near-daily occurrence. Such breakthroughs could not be more consequential for our national security, economic competitiveness, and our personal lives.”
Recently, the agency has increased its focus on areas of importance to the ASME community, including expanding its artificial intelligence research portfolio and its work in robotics and manufacturing. ASME has long supported the ongoing scientific and engineering research performed by DARPA and looks forward to working with the agency under Tompkins’s direction.

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