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Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Passes the ‘Industries of the Future Act’

Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Passes the ‘Industries of the Future Act’

Last week, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation marked up theIndustries of the Future Act and passed it out of Committee. The legislation, which was introduced in January, would “advance U.S. global leadership in artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, quantum information science, synthetic biology, and next generation wireless network and infrastructure.” The measure passed with one amendment offered by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) that includes “emerging technologies” in the list of technologies covered by the phrase “industries of the future.” Other technologies listed include: artificial intelligence, quantum information science, biotechnology, and next generation wireless networks and infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, and synthetic biology.

During the markup, Committee Chairman Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), who was one of four original bill sponsors, mentioned how that the Committee is working to prioritize investments in these emerging industries to ensure that America retains its role as a global leader. Chairman Wicker also stated how this bill requires the Administration to issue a report to help bolster industries of the future and create a plan for doubling investments in these emerging industries. He also thanked the Trump administration for their support and forward-looking approach to ensure that America is at the forefront of the technological revolution.

Many of the other Senators offered their support for the bill expressing that it is crucial for the development of technology in rural America. When called to a vote, the motion was adopted.

ASME will continue to track this bill as it advances in the Senate.

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