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Senate Armed Services Committee Completes Markup of FY 2021 NDAA

Senate Armed Services Committee Completes Markup of FY 2021 NDAA

Each year, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is passed by Congress to authorize funding for the Department of Defense (DOD) in the next Fiscal Year. Given the important nature of the legislation, that is providing funding for United States armed forces, the NDAA is one of the few pieces of legislation that is constantly taken up and passed through Congress each year. Even as Congress focuses its energy on addressing the global health and economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senate Armed Services Committee passed the NDAA, advancing the bill to the Senate floor for consideration.


While the legislative text of the bill is not yet publicly available, the Committee has issued a summary, which reveals an authorization of more than $300 million above the President’s request for DOD Science and Technology research, and extends or adds authorities that accelerates research. The summary also calls out specific technology priorities that align with what the White House has deemed critical technologies for the United States. Specifically, the bill will instruct the DOD to conduct an assessment of U.S. efforts to develop biotechnologies compared to our adversaries; develop Artificial Intelligence use-cases for reform efforts; enhance Quantum Information Science research and development; and a demonstrate innovative 5G commercial technologies.


ASME will continue to provide relevant updates as the bill advances.

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