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Romania to Partner with American Company NuScale to Develop Small Nuclear Reactors

Romania to Partner with American Company NuScale to Develop Small Nuclear Reactors

Romania is set to partner with NuScale, an American company, to build small nuclear reactors as part of the country’s efforts to seek lower-emissions power sources. Romania, an EU country, houses many old generation plants that are in need of replacement. Instead, Romania intends to invest in next-generation energy producing technology to curb greenhouse gas emissions.


The White House is excited to announce the partnership, saying it will be the “first-of-a-kind.” Small modular reactors (SMR) can be used to produce nuclear power more efficiently, with less waste than traditional power plants that use light water reactor technology (LWR). Currently, Romania has one nuclear power plant, which generates about one fifth of the country’s power. In 2020, Romania committed to an $8 billion project to build two new nuclear reactors in collaboration with AECOM, an American engineering and construction firm. Romania has advocated for including more nuclear energy in the mix for sustainable energy production in the EU.


In March 2020, ASME’s Nuclear Engineering Division hosted a Small Modular and Micro Reactor Summit (SMMR) in Silver Spring, Maryland. The summit connected attendees to exchange ideas, learn about the inner workings of some of the newest reactor designs, and hear from experts regarding the latest advances in design, material, and fabrication of SMMR’s. The event provided an opportunity for executive leaders in the SMMR nuclear technology industries to network with members from utility, regulatory, and financial organizations.


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