Robotics Industry Leaders to Convene on Capitol Hill

On Tuesday, July 16, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation will be hosting an event on The State of Robotics Innovation in America: A Key Driver of Productivity and Competitiveness. The briefing event will take place in the Gold Room on Capitol Hill in the Rayburn House Office Building from 10-11:30am.

There is currently a multitude of resources around the topic of robotics and the rise of automation in the workplace. But as the traditional face of the workplace stands at the apex of this technological rise, along with it comes a slew of questions and uncertainty. Additionally, despite its history as a global technological leader, the U.S. is now falling behind many of other nations in both the development and adoption of robotics.

Among the key points the event seeks to address are questions such as: Where are we today with robotic development? What are the key technological challenges to overcome? What is the government’s role in supporting robotics development and adoption? And, of course, what is the likely impact on employment?

Speakers at the event include David Vasko, Director of Advanced Technology at Rockwell Automation and Jeff Burnstein, President of the Association for Advancing Automation.

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