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Researchers Explore Novel Uses for Smartphones in Medical Diagnostics

Researchers Explore Novel Uses for Smartphones in Medical Diagnostics

Long gone are the days of single-function technology. Now, a smartphone is a phone, radio and computer among a plethora of additional functions, all in one. Researchers at Michigan State University, funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering are looking to add yet another function to that list: blood pressure monitor.

In their recently published study, the team explains how they modified a smartphone to take blood pressure readings from finger pressure using an optical sensor and transducers that convert units of force into electronic signals. 32 participants were involved in the study, which found the smartphone-based readings to be just as effective as a volume clamp, an FDA-approved blood pressure reading device that uses a cuff on a finger. The blood pressure wrist cuff monitor was found to provide a more accurate reading than the volume clamp or smartphone device, but the smartphone device was both simple to operate and provided accurate enough results for individuals to use on their own.

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