President Trump Signs New Law Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Jan 11, 2019

President Trump recently signed into law the Innovations in Mentoring, Training and Apprenticeships Act. The bill, first introduced to Congress by the House Science Committee last year, directs the National Science Foundation (NSF) to offer research grants and further support STEM education and STEM-related workforce development. The legislation was introduced last congress and sponsored by former House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy, and is looking to build on the U.S’s STEM capabilities. The bill specifically states that “To remain competitive in the global economy, foster greater innovation, and provide a foundation for shared prosperity, the United States needs a workforce with the right mix of skills to meet the diverse needs of the economy.”

The legislation’s directives include provisions authorizing the use of NSF’s Education and Human Resources (EHR) Directorate for the following grants:

  • Grants for Associate Degree Programs in STEM Fields;
  • Grants for STEM Degree Applied Learning Opportunities
  • Grants for Computer-Based and Online STEM Education Courses

Examples of specific provisions within each of these grants include the authorization of a minimum $5 million per year over the next four years designated to community colleges to “develop or improve” their associate degree and certificate programs in STEM areas. Another provision a minimum $2.5 million per year over this same four year period to support universities that partner with employers to “that commit to offering apprenticeships, internships, research opportunities, or applied learning experiences” to students interested in completing a four-year STEM degree.

To view the bill in full, click here:

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