President Trump Nominates Meteorologist Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier to Lead Office of Science and Technology Policy

Aug 3, 2018

President Trump recently nominated Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier to serve as the new Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Earlier this year, Capitol Update reported that several Senators had written to President Trump expressing their concern that he had not yet appointed a Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Dr. Drogemeier is a meteorologist with strong ties to the National Science Foundation (NSF), serving as deputy director of the NSF Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS), cofounding the NSF Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere, and serving for 12 years on the National Science Board. National Science Foundation Director France Cordova expressed his pleasure with the announcement, stating “I am grateful that such a champion of basic research has been selected for this important role.”

The role of OSTP is to advise the president on science-related issues as they pertain to the country’s economy, national security, foreign relations and environment. The office was formed over 40 years ago and sits under the Executive Office of the President. During the Obama administration, the office peaked with 135 employees. President Trump has reshaped the office since assuming the presidency. OSTP now currently has approximately 50 staff members, with a focus that has shifted more towards technology issues. 

Prior to Droegemeier’s nomination, OSTP was led by Michael Kratsios who serves as the Deputy Chief Technology Officer. The only remaining step to making this position official is Droegemeier’s confirmation by the Senate. If the Senate confirms his nomination, he will be the first Director of OSTP who is not a physicist to serve in the position since the creation of the office in 1976. “I think he is a very solid choice,” John Holdren, who led the OSTP for eight years as Obama’s science adviser told Science Magazine. “He is a respected senior scientist and he has experience in speaking science to power.”

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