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President Trump Appoints New Members of the National Science Board

President Trump Appoints New Members of the National Science Board

The White House recently announced President Trump’s appointment of seven members to the National Science Board (NSB). Five of the members, Maureen Condic, Suresh Garimella, Steven Leath, Alan Stern and Stephen Willard are new to the board, while Geraldine Richmond and Maria Zuber have previous experience having served one term on the board previously.

The NSB is the governing board of the National Science Foundation responsible for developing and shaping the strategic direction of the agency, as well as maintaining oversight over NSF’s annual budget request to the White House. It also advises the president and Congress on scientific matters and issues a biennial report of the status of U.S. science and engineering. Members are elected to six-year terms.

Of the seven new members, four have substantive scientific backgrounds. Suresh Garimella is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. Steven Leath is the current president of Auburn University, but past work experience also includes extensive experience in agricultural research.

It also has a statutory mission to provide advice to the president and Congress on scientific matters, including by producing a biennial statistical report on the status of the U.S. science and engineering enterprise.

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