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President Biden Releases National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing

President Biden Releases National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing

As the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) joined manufacturing professionals worldwide in celebrating Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 7, President Joe Biden simultaneously announced a new forward-thinking National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing.
This new strategy is designed to make the United States’ manufacturing sector more competitive worldwide by providing a blueprint for federal government agencies and the nation for the next four years. The strategy focuses on:
  • Developing and advancing new technologies;
  • Growing the manufacturing workforce from K-12 through higher education; and
  • Ensuring resiliency of the manufacturing supply chain.
Read the full strategy here.
In response to the President’s announcement, ASME Executive Director/CEO Tom Costabile said: “ASME has long played an important role in the success of advanced manufacturing in the United States and worldwide through our development of industry standards in areas such as aerospace engineering, bioengineering, and workforce development.
The United States has traditionally lacked a national policy to encourage manufacturing, and this is an important step forward for fostering discussion and collaboration. The ASME community looks forward to working with the Executive Branch and Congress to support the President’s initiative. Through engineering and manufacturing, we will work together to solve our nation’s greatest challenges.” 
ASME, with support from Autodesk, recently released a report, The Future of Manufacturing, a comprehensive survey of 80 manufacturing professionals, academics, and others worldwide, to identify the future workflows and skills needed for mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and machinist roles over the next decade.
Download a free copy of the report here.

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