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Pentagon Seeks Tech Experts for Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

Pentagon Seeks Tech Experts for Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

The U.S. Department of Defense is actively looking for technology experts to join its Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). This “Center of Excellence,” established in 2018, aims to operationally prepare DOD for AI technology development and its long-term success and scalability. Among its many charges, JAIC seeks to accelerate the delivery and adoption of AI; scale its impact across DOD; defend U.S. critical infrastructure; and partner with industry, academia, and government partners.

An April 23, 2020 request for information (RFI) spelled out JAIC’s need for 18-40 contract personnel (who would hold Top Secret security clearance) to work on cognitive and human engineering mechanisms toward developing intelligent systems. Among several descriptors of this project is the ability to support the U.S. government in working with engineering, commercial, governmental, and academic partners to “design and deliver solutions that make it possible to take a prototype and move it into production.”

According to the Trump administration’s fiscal year 2021 budget request, JAIC is slated to receive $290 million in total funding. This accounts for, among other projects, program management and technical support—but not federal research and development.<

For more information on this DOD request, please visit the U.S. General Services Administration website:

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