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Ohio Legislation Proposes Sweeping Reform of State Licensing Boards

Ohio Legislation Proposes Sweeping Reform of State Licensing Boards

The Ohio House of Representatives recently passed a bill, titled Reform Occupational Licensing, establishing a statewide policy on occupational regulation and to require standing committees of the General Assembly to periodically review occupational licensing boards regarding their sunset. This bill poses a threat to each of Ohio’s licensing boards. The bill also seeks to establish the least restrictive regulation for entering or participating in the practice of any occupation. 

The bill, titled Senate Bill 255, came to the Ohio House of Representatives after the state Government Accountability and Oversight Committee reviewed and made amendments. Following the passage of the bill in the House, the bill will now go back to the state Senate for additional consideration of the house-amended bill. If the amended bill passes in the state senate, it will be sent to the governor to be signed into law. 

Over the past year, the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) has participated in conversations with a coalition of professional entities seeking to revise Senate Bill 255. Discussion on proposed changes included the need for an affirmative vote of the General Assembly to eliminate a board, commission or license, and establishing a different timeline for the state’s review process.

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