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Office of Personnel Management Releases Toolkit for Worker Training

Office of Personnel Management Releases Toolkit for Worker Training

As America’s technological capacities continue to advance, the federal government is recognizing that these new advances will inevitably alter the future and face of the American workplace. In response, the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM) has developed a new suite of tools that will help agency leaders take advantage of these new technologies to improve service delivery and customer service, along with generally becoming more efficient.

The new tool suite is called “Accelerating the Gears of Government” and includes a set of tools to help leadership adapt their workplaces to accommodate ongoing technological advances.

In discussing the tools, OPM Acting Director Margaret Weichert noted, “Together, these tools will help guide federal leaders and managers as they make strategic decisions to modernize the way government functions, support HR professionals and managers as they design and implement reshaping and reskilling/upskilling strategy, and provide employees with pathways to progress in their Federal service careers.”

The full suite of tools is comprised of:

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