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NSF Looks to Expand Pathways to STEM Careers for Veterans

NSF Looks to Expand Pathways to STEM Careers for Veterans

In 2020, the Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act was signed into law. The law directs the National Science Foundation (NSF) to “encourage veterans to study and pursue careers in STEM and computer science” and to “submit a plan to Congress for enhancing veterans outreach.” As part of this effort, NSF assessed its STEM offerings and found 275 projects and over 100 programs that work with veterans. The Act also mandates that the National Science Board include data on veterans in science and engineering careers as part of its annual report to Congress.
NSF is actively working to recruit veterans and inform military personal transitioning into civilian life of the many opportunities NSF offers for veterans. NSF believes that actively engaging veterans in its efforts will promote a more robust and diverse STEM workforce. While NSF has programs for all veterans, they also have programs aimed specifically at engaging veterans with disabilities.
As part of the outreach that NSF is conducting to raise awareness of the many STEM opportunities available to veterans, they are highlighting seven specific areas in which veterans can engage:
  1. Advanced Technological Education program, which provides training for technicians.
  2. CyberCorps, which trains the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.
  3. Community College Programs and Teacher Training.
  4. Undergraduate Research Supplements, to encourage veterans to earn their undergraduate degrees in a STEM field.
  5. GEOpaths, which supports veterans in gaining experience in geoscience.
  6. Professional development scholarships.
  7. America’s Seed Fund and opportunities for veteran-owned small businesses.
Additionally, NSF is soliciting applications for mentoring and training veterans in STEM.
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