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NSF Announces Future Manufacturing Awards

NSF Announces Future Manufacturing Awards

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced the 2023 awards from the Future Manufacturing program, which aims to discover manufacturing solutions that overcome current scientific, technological, educational, economic, and social barriers to provide new manufacturing capabilities for U.S. companies. This is the fourth year of NSF investment in Future Manufacturing, totaling more than $137 million.

The new projects consist of 10 research grants, that each receive up to $3 million over four years for convergence research of significant scope, including fundamental research and workforce development, and 11 seed grants that each receive up to $500,000 over two years to develop multidisciplinary teams and generate preliminary results leading toward a research grant proposal. The 2023 awards focus on three areas:
  • Biomanufacturing research that harnesses biology and/or integrates biological materials in manufacturing.
  • Cyber-manufacturing research that transforms the predictability, security, reliability, and efficiency of manufacturing.
  • Eco-manufacturing research that redesigns entire manufacturing lifecycles and supply chains for sustainability.
For additional information on the Future Manufacturing program, visit:

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