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NIST Accelerates Measurement Infrastructure for 5G Communications

NIST Accelerates Measurement Infrastructure for 5G Communications

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is playing a vital role in ensuring measurement infrastructure is ready as new 5G devices and networks hit the market. NIST is currently working to maximize performance data so that technology designs can best utilize the new 5G technology. A 5G Spectrum Sharing Test Bed is one of NIST’s most recent endeavors. The project is working to decipher how 5G can coexist with existing technologies (i.g. Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.) on increasingly crowded airwaves.

In a recent news release, NIST states “the test bed will help clarify how thousands of different possible network settings and environments through which signals travel will affect interference between 5G and older systems operating in the same frequency band.” This sharing of the airwaves will become increasingly important as more and more devices and systems are put online. Applications for 5G connectivity reach across industries and are being used to enhance smart manufacturing systems, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality simulations, and much more.

In addition to the new 5G Spectrum Sharing Test Bed, NIST is also preparing for the integration of 5G technology by measuring:

  • Signaling and overall performance of transistors that operate at millimeter wavelengths
  • New wireless channel models
  • Antenna beam forming, beam steering and over-the-air performance
  • New methods and tests to evaluate device performance and minimize interference.

To learn more about how NIST is working to build accurate measurement infrastructure for 5G Communications, please visit:

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