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New Volunteer Opportunity: Member-at-Large, ASME Committee on Government Relations

New Volunteer Opportunity: Member-at-Large, ASME Committee on Government Relations

Are you passionate about sharing your engineering expertise to influence public policy and advance ASME’s mission to advance engineering for the benefit of humanity? Apply to join ASME’s Committee on Government Relations as a Member-at-Large!

The ASME Committee on Government Relations establishes strategies, guidelines, programs, and activities to fulfill the ASME's vision and mission, including:
  • Identifying issues and initiatives of interest to ASME stakeholders emanating from government, education, and industry sectors, and assessing ASME member priorities regarding technology and policy matters.
  • Informing government entities on matters of technical content or professional concern to the engineering community and keeping stakeholders apprised of government policies and actions.
  • Involving ASME members in advocacy roles and encouraging their participation in providing technical input and expertise to improve the quality of government and public policy decision-making.
  • Influencing, through position papers, testimony, and briefings, the directions and outcomes pertaining to public issues of engineering relevance, consistent with ASME member priorities and communicated by authorized representatives of the Society.
At-large members will be appointed and serve for a term of three years, beginning and ending at the close of the ASME Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting (June, 2024-2027).
Apply online and learn more about this opportunity at the ASME Community Engagement Center:

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