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New Bills Focus on National Labs Workforce and Infrastructure

New Bills Focus on National Labs Workforce and Infrastructure

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL) recently introduced the Manufacturing American Dynamism in Entrepreneurship and Harnessing Education to Retool Employees Act, or the “MADE HERE Act.” According to a press release published by the Sponsor’s office, the bill aims to advance new manufacturing technologies and promote a skilled workforce by bringing together educational institutions, private companies, nonprofits, labor groups, and government-funded resources to solve pressing issues in the area of manufacturing.

Congressman Lipinski is toting the bill as job-creating legislation that will promote the formation of regional clusters that will promote education around new technologies important for the future of American competitiveness. The Congressman states that, “for American manufacturing to remain competitive and continue to create good, high-paying jobs, it is essential that we bring together the relevant groups to learn from and collaborate with one another … This legislation will create new, high-paying jobs by giving American workers and companies the skills and resources they need to compete.”

ASME recently had a Congressional Fellow, Dr. Laurel Kuxhaus, serve in the office of Congressman Lipinski. The ASME Federal Government Fellowship program provides engineers with the opportunity to serve in the Executive or Legislative branches of government for one year. For more information on the ASME Federal Fellowship program please visit:

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