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National Security Strategy of the United States 2017 Released

National Security Strategy of the United States 2017 Released

On December 18, 2017 the White House released the National Security Strategy of the United States. The Strategy discussed the importance of reducing the regulatory burdens that stifle growth and increase the costs of developing new technologies. The Strategy also stated the Administration’s intentions to prioritize emerging technologies and incentivize private sector growth. Emphasis was placed on private sector growth as it helps the U.S. maintain its economic competitive advantage and foster further growth through cross collaboration between the Department of Defense and the private sector.

The Strategy further pledged to invest in early stage R&D that focuses on more efficient processes and eschew the archaic processes that slow innovation and hinder the U.S.’s ability to remain ahead of the pack. Government agencies must adopt a more aggressive R&&D policy that rewards rapid fielding and risk taking, a notion often supported and advocated for by industry.

The importance of STEM education was heavily recognized, backed by statements of support for apprenticeships and workforce development programs that provide American workers with the requisite training to go into these fields. In further efforts to attract federal STEM employees, the Strategy discussed initiatives that will facilitate the recruitment and retention of these employees, such as competitive salaries and rapid hiring.

For more information, the report can be accessed at this link:

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