National Science Foundation Seeks Public Input on Using Artificial Intelligence to Boost 5G Capabilities

Jul 31, 2019


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is looking for the public’s assistance in identifying new opportunities as well as challenges posed by the application of existing and new artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in the wireless spectrum context. The agency will be hosting a workshop August 28-29 in Rome, NY to tackle these issues head on.

As wireless technological capabilities continue to evolve and advance, it is important for the federal regulations governing this technology to keep pace. The current process for analyzing and determining the needs and corroborating federal regulations of the wireless spectrum is a manual, and somewhat convoluted process, further complicated by the inherent interdependency of the spectrum domain.  As the Federal Register notice further explains, “Existing and emerging methods for allocating spectrum are often driven by small studies that suffer from inherent biases.”

NSF is looking to tackle this problem through its workshop by identifying areas where AI can enhance the wireless spectrum, and brainstorm some effective efforts by the federal government, industry, and academia to support this goal. Several areas the workshop will explore include:
  • Artificial Intelligence for Future Communications Networks;
  • Artificial Intelligence for Dynamic Spectrum Allocation and Policy Management; and
  • Artificial Intelligence for Spectrum Sharing
In-person attendance of the workshop is by invitation only. However, remote participation of plenary sessions is available via webcast. The agenda will be available the week of the event.

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