National Science Foundation Investing $25 Million into Researching How Humans and Technology Can Work Together

Nov 16, 2018

The National Science Foundation recently announced its new $25 million investment in projects to advance the cognitive and physical capabilities of workers in the context of human-technology interactions. This investment is coming in the form of funding for 26 new projects.

These new projects will focus on research to help advance greater symbiosis between humans and technology in the workplace and will provide the foundation for improving and increasing human awareness of the following:

  • Models for social understanding and interaction.
  • Teaching and learning.
  • Biases in judgment.
  • Attention, memory and more.

Projects are anticipated to last between three and five years based on various factors such as scope and team size, with awards ranging from $750,000 to $3 million.

"The landscape of jobs and work is changing at unprecedented speed, driven by the development of new technologies that have moved into an expanding array of manufacturing, knowledge and service occupations," said Dawn Tilbury, NSF's assistant director for Engineering. "These changes promise benefits to the nation in terms of increased productivity, opportunity for innovation, the creation of new industries and occupations as well as sustained global leadership."

For a full list of selected projects, click here:

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