National Institute of Standards and Technology Seeks to Connect Entrepreneurs, Industry and Investors through the Cloud

Nov 9, 2018

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) recently announced their new partnership to better connect entrepreneurs, industry and investors with inventions created as a result of federally funded research and development. The NTIS Joint Venture Partnerships (JVP) program will see NIST fund a development project to create a new cloud-based solution that consolidates access to commercially relevant information on federal technologies and intellectual assets.

The goal of the NTIS JVP program is to link private companies seeking technologies to license and commercialize with the appropriate federal agencies, as well as to identify research assets available for further development. Earlier this year, President Trump made improving the transfer of federally funded technologies to the market a Cross Agency Priority Goal in his FY18 President’s Management Agenda. This new partnership further supports the Lab to Market goal of increasing the economic impact of federally funded research and development across all federal agencies by accelerating and improving the transition of new technologies from the laboratory to the commercial marketplace.

“Improving technology transfer and the commercial deployment of inventions arising from federal research and development is a high priority for the administration, and this new project supports the NIST initiative for Unleashing American Innovation,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director Walter G. Copan. “We’re looking forward to making the fruits of federal R&D much more accessible to industry and entrepreneurs, and hence accelerate the development of new technology-based products and services that benefit the U.S. economy.”

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