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Manufacturing USA Aims to Train Workers with In-Demand Skills for Today’s Factories

Manufacturing USA Aims to Train Workers with In-Demand Skills for Today’s Factories

The Manufacturing USA national network is working to convene the advanced manufacturing community around a shared goal of building a skilled workforce for today’s most in-demand jobs. As manufacturing jobs in America continue to transition into the future, the industry is struggling to find workers with the skills needed to perform advanced manufacturing jobs. One Manufacturing USA institute, MxD (Manufacturing x Digital), is working to develop a Digital Manufacturing Jobs Taxonomy to identify 165 unique roles in the manufacturing industry that will be created or require  new skills as the industry continues to adopt digital technologies.
MxD’s new system has identified 20 jobs that will be key to bridging the gap between current and future demands of the industry. The work being done by MxD takes an in-depth look at the impact of automation and robotics on the future of manufacturing factories and highlights careers in those sectors that will continue to grow and offer high-wage opportunities.
The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) institute is working to better define what it means to have a robotics skill set that is aimed towards manufacturing. Additionally, the ARM institute has created the website to connect manufacturers and job seekers with educational and training programs to ensure their skills are up-to-par.
The Manufacturing USA network understands that training individuals with robotics skills will be one of the main drivers in closing the very present skills-gap in advanced manufacturing. The ARM institute has even created an endorsement badge for robotics training programs that affirms their understanding of which skills are most critical for workers to acquire to support the manufacturing community as it continues to transition into the future. So far, five programs have received the designation from ARM.  Each of the five have shown commitment to educating individuals on the importance of robotics relevance to the manufacturing industry, partnered with effective curriculum, efficient training, noticeable impact, and program sustainability and transportability.
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